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The Very Unofficial History of Mineswine

Discussion in 'MineSwine Discussion' started by SuperEthos, Mar 27, 2019.

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    Dec 14, 2014
    Hello to all of you who happen to come across this, I am @SuperEthos. For those of you who I have not reminded about 400 times, I am a rather... experienced player on Mineswine, as I have been around since September of 2014. I have collected a lot of information over the years, and it's time I share some of that knowledge I've gained with the general community. Mainly because you lot have no idea why the old players (and, to some degree, the staff team) seem to cling to each other so much.

    If I make any errors or leave something out, feel free to correct me or add in something, but don't hold it against me. It's been a while for some of these things, and for others, I may not have heard the right details. If nothing else, remember that this is my perspective and that these events could have been way different to someone else. With that in mind, here is, as of March 27, 2019, the Very Unofficial History of Mineswine.


    201X - 2014

    Back in these times, Mineswine either barely existed or didn't exist at all. To truly understand this server's origins, we have to go all the way back to the early 2010's to a little server called BlockEmpires. The server was run by a guy named @insanehero (sound familiar?). (Now, I personally wasn't around way back then. If you want to go that far back, try talking to @Valcom or @Moderocky.)

    The server focused on a mythical theme with unique plugins and custom builds. One developer in particular, @dillyg10, would go on to be especially helpful, coding some plugins and showing them off on his YouTube channel.

    Eventually, things started to stagnate for BlockEmpires, but @insanehero still had a lot of passion for Minecraft and servers, and so did @dillyg10. The two decided to team up and make a server called Mineswine sometime in 2013. That server has lasted until today... in some form. Players of this time include @Valcom, @Fartmaster11, and @JKarateSammy, who can be considered the most wise of all.

    Mid - Late 2014

    Mineswine was intended to be a minigame server, with fun, innovative games. Some of these original games included Survival Games: Reloaded, Minewars, and Jedicraft. Minewars even had videos made on it by the popular YouTuber SSundee, although the boost in players was only temporary.

    Jedicraft saw its rise to prominence in late 2014 with the rise of the first major clans, such as Guardians, the Sith Order (led by @Blades21rs), and the Old Republic (TOR; led by @Scepting). The last two in particular had a heated rivalry that would boil over into large battles at certain areas. (This idea of "teams" and "wars" would never die, much to the dismay of the poor noobs who got caught in between.)

    It was during this time period that many prominent figures of today's Mineswine first started playing, such as @CorporalBLOBER, @HERB_YELIAB, and me. These players would, along with the true OGs of BlockEmpires times, be the bedrock of the server community for years.

    2014 saw the rise of one other, very important person: @Moderocky. Rocky was an enthusiastic Helper who went all the way to being the server's owner by early 2016. He oversaw much change to JediCraft and envisioned the gamemode as an old concept that could be renewed with more up-to-date content, as well as bringing in new gamemodes like Factions with Guns and HardCore: Reloaded. (When Mineswine was sold, however, Rocky went on to make his own Jedicraft gamemode which became very popular and he eventually sold to a larger network... But some of those ideas would come back to Mineswine much later on.)


    2015 started off being the same as 2014: popular, fun, and filled with promise. That is, until the infamous 1.8 Update arrived.

    While the gamemodes before supported 1.8, they ran on 1.7 and were thus not compatible with the new 3D models that 1.8 supported. So, when SGRL got new, fancy 3D models, Jedicraft was removed along with most other gamemodes in favor of SG:RL, which admittedly did well as its own game, but never attracted as many players as Jedicraft did.

    The clans of Jedicraft began to slowly die without the gamemode they relied on to operate. Members of TOR, the Sith Order, and many other clans simply stopped playing Mineswine. The game had nothing left for them. All they wanted was Jedicraft, the lifeblood of the server, and it was gone.

    Meanwhile, on a now-dead server called MCLegends, a former YouTuber who had previously done Jedicraft videos on Mineswine who had left after (and he never acknowledged it) being banned for illegally giving out donor items, had made a Jedicraft of his own. Unfortunately, the gamemode stole textures, the map, and weapons from the original Mineswine gamemode. This sent the Mineswine community into a fit, and many rant threads were made and innumerable insults were slung before the gamemode died later in 2015.

    As the year progressed, Mineswine began to decay. Its playerbase declined, its gamemodes became stale, and @insanehero stopped playing Minecraft altogether. The future seemed bleak, if there even was to be a future... until @dillyg10 showed up. He assumed command of Mineswine after @insanehero left, and he, as the original developer of it, released Jedicraft back up - just as everyone had remembered. The playerbase soared, reaching 500 players at once at times. Mineswine had boomed after the bust... but there was a storm brewing.

    Mineswine was looking good, and @dillyg10 had a clever idea: make Jedicraft more challenging by banning players for a full day after dying 3 times. It was called "Chaos Mode", and it was one of, if not the, worst mistake in Mineswine's history. It caused players to leave in the hundreds due to mass confusion and anger. The gamemode was not well-received, yet stayed long past its welcome. Another demon, an older one, had come back, but it was just as short-lived and fiery.

    The clan idea had returned, but in the form of something else entirely. A player, and small YouTuber, by the name of TheJadyha formed a clan for SGRL called SwineForce. It gained popularity due to its professional attitude and effective leadership. Even the almighty German overlord, Sui (whom you may know as @Fukarizoh_), arguably the best SGRL player of all time and Admin since early 2015, joined the clan. The clan even managed to merge with my Jedicraft clan at the time, the Rogue Army (which had 10-15 members strong). However, the clan was too professional. It began to seem corny to have a Minecraft clan with its own official website being around. After a while, TheJadyha quit Mineswine and went to pursue... other things. (Message me or @rifti for that story.)

    2015 saw the rise of forum spammers like honkeydonkey2 and @HERB_YELIAB and players like @UmbreWolf and @FireStorm (who you may know as FlareonStorm), who would lead Mineswine into 2016.

    Early - Mid 2016

    As Jedicraft became the only relevant gamemode on Mineswine, the issue of bugs became an ever-pressing one. Dupe glitches followed updates that made massively overpowered guns so easy to get that they were used by everyone with some money and armor. Abusive staff members favorited their friends and gave them special weapons and perks. None were more guilty of this than @MCCoder.

    @MCCoder became a Developer in 2015, but lasted into 2016. His time at Mineswine saw many, many rules broken and billions of in-game dollars worth of weapons and materials pumped into Jedicraft's economy, permanently destroying it. Eventually, it was discovered that he was completely incapable of coding and his massive abuse caught up to him, and he was fired.

    Another culprit of abuse was the infamous Eeveelutions team. Some of the most popular members of the server at the time, including @FireStorm, @UmbreWolf, @rifti, and @SuperEthos joined Sui in slaughtering anyone and everyone on sight in JediCraft. We got boss weapons and glass helmets; to be fair, though, only the guns were actually purposeful, as the helmets were purely cosmetic. (This, of course, didn't stop the playerbase from collectively shitting itself over it.)

    Late 2016

    By October of 2016, things were looking desperate for Mineswine. The server had been DDoS attacked, JediCraft went down multiple times (yet never got the "reset" that would bring many updates and features), and the server couldn't keep itself afloat. As one last batch of Helpers (@UmbreWolf, xiiRevenge, @SuperEthos) were let in by @Austrayan, the server looked for a potential new owner to manage the server. They found that someone in @IndieB3 who, in November of 2016, took control of Mineswine, along with two good friends of hers, Micah and TheTacobite.

    Leadership of the server's actual games and staff was passed down to another owner, TheTacobite. Taco had played on Mineswine in 2013 and 2014 and had served on their build team (and Team Vareide) before being removed for stealing builds. Now Taco was back, but past his seemingly hopeful exterior lay a hope for a Mineswine that wasn't Mineswine, but just another typical, bland minigame server.

    Immediately, every staff member except @Valcom and @Austrayan was removed from the staff team. Most never reapplied, but I did. What I learned while under Taco was that community and experience didn't matter to TheTacobite; what mattered was Taco's preferences and desires. Fortunately, disliked community members such as Awesemo were banned for being "annoying". Staff weren't treated any better, with staff like @Austrayan being demoted repeatedly for simply disagreeing with Taco.

    All gamemodes were also wiped and replaced with simple gamemodes like Factions. Eventually, however, JediCraft would return, with its new code being written exclusively by @flogic (who, at that time, was known as GamerKing195) - for no money. Some actual Devs were never paid for their work, which made them... unhappy. Other staff members were brought in from Taco's buddies from another server. They did a good job, but they followed policies that were simply bad for Mineswine.


    Overall, things were going badly at the beginning of 2017. The community was really angry, the games were simply not good enough, and the staff team felt powerless. This all boiled over in April of 2017, when a Dev turned Owner, @MylesDev, who had previously resigned, used his not-yet disabled access to the server's console to allow a player by the name of @Mackattack316 to "hack" the server and destroy it, pledging to stop only when Taco was removed from his position.

    The crisis sent the staff into chaos and the community into an anxious state. Confusion and frustration were everywhere, and tensions were high. News then arrived that @IndieB3 had stepped in personally and ousted Taco from his position. The community rejoiced, and the server was let out of its stranglehold. The server was passed down to @ssamjh, who would own the server until mid-late 2018.

    JediCraft Beta was released soon after Taco was removed, and SGRL, coded by @thepaperboy99, was released later. Some of the staff members who had left under Taco returned. However, as summer approached, the staff who had come under Taco began to be phased out by newer staff like @BryceBAM and @xEmilia.

    The idea of a "Staff Manager" was first made way back in 2016 with @Austrayan's role as head of helper applications. That role was kept by Taco until @Austrayan was demoted, at which point the role went to @GalaxyDwarf. After a while, @CorporalBLOBER became Staff Manager, a role which would become increasingly important over the next few months, basically being the public face of the server to many, especially the staff. The role went to @xEmilia next, then to @BryceBAM, where it was, after some time, removed, replaced with simply "Admin".

    A new generation of semi-OGs popped up, with players like @argo_the_hunter and @O500 making names for themselves on JediCraft and thus the server as a whole. The server, after almost 2 years of turmoil, saw a measure of stability, albeit with a much smaller player base.


    Mineswine went through a lot of background change in 2018, although not much actually happened in the public eye. Staff like @SuperEthos and @FrostedBlizzard rose through the ranks, while staff such as @xEmilia and @thepaperboy99 leaving the staff team.

    The build team would be reinvigorated by @Valcom, @BryceBAM, and @rifti, who would all hold the title of Head Builder at one point. Together, along with players such as @JKarateSammy and (he's back now) @Moderocky, they would begin work on a new project: a remade Tatooine.

    However, the server, for the time being, was in a state of constant, brutal war. Two clans, Global Warming (led by @BryceBAM) and Day Watch (led by @O500 and @tavshroom, leadership changed often) fought for control of JediCraft. However, the fighting became more than just in-game, with doxxing and IP-grabbing being some of the numerous offences committed by members. However, the worst offence was the practical extermination of new players, who stood no chance in the midst of the war. In this way, new players had two choices: join someone, or die. This conflict finally ended when @O500 sent an ip-grabber to @BryceBAM, violating a major rule and getting himself banned.

    Late 2018

    As the server progressed through October and November, it became increasingly clear that the server was not doing so great financially. However, @ssamjh had tried his best to keep the server up. However, he couldn't keep it up forever, and eventually, he had to put Mineswine up for sale. The server would be sold to @Kyus, a small Youtuber who promised great things for the server. This, he would, to some extent, provide.

    Under his rule, the newly renovated Tatooine map would release, along with an old face returning to power as a Manager: @Moderocky. This would result in me leaving the staff team again, as I had real life to tend to (and definitely not another server I liked better getting in the way), but I was confident that @Kyus could do good for Mineswine. Others such as @Valcom and @FalseHonesty would go as well, but hopes still looked high.

    Unfortunately, however, the server dipped into an all-time low in players, which would both facilitate extensive development of the staff (new additions such as @ScarletDraco) and of the games themselves, but would also mean just as little money for the server.


    As 2019 rolled around, @Kyus's reign faced a similar fate as TheTacobite's. So, like @ssamjh, @Kyus put the server up for sale in January of 2019, and again, the server found itself in new hands. Except this time, there would be two new owners taking center stage... for a little while.

    Nova and @AustralianFlag took the reigns from @Kyus (who would remain Admin, but not Owner). Nearly immediately, suspicious things started happening. Players got ranks left and right, new staff came out of nowhere, and @O500 was unbanned, seemingly out of nowhere. Things didn't add up, and as it turned out, Nova was the culprit. His dark side came out during his short tenure as Owner of Mineswine, but fortunately, @AustralianFlag took control and quickly ousted Nova and restored order to the server.

    The new "Content Creators", which was a lump term meaning Builder, Modeler, or Community Contributor, started work on new projects, featuring new faces (@Emitter) as well as old ones (@Valcom and @HERB_YELIAB). @Moderocky, once again, took many of the reins for the server's maintenance and development as @ssamjh stepped down from the role. At the same time, @BryceBAM stepped down as Staff Manager to continue game design as an Admin, appointing @FrostedBlizzzard as the new Staff Manager. @SuperEthos, once again, came back, though only as Mod, at which point he proceeded to drop off the planet to go... elsewhere.

    As March rolled in, @AustralianFlag saw that the server was, once again, on the verge of death. Sensing a need for some long-needed change, he decided to stall development on Jedicraft and focus on a new, fresh Skywars gamemode. However, after community upheaval, @Moderocky released a version of Jedicraft from 2015... that turned out to be quite popular, almost jump-starting the server again. Some old players returned, some newer players left. The server remade itself yet again, yet it almost seemed natural, as if, somehow, this relatively new community was already used to the near cyclic change of the server.


    And that is where we are today: with an outdated game that's better than 3-ish years of work. Funny how that played out, eh?

    god damn thats a long one
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    Mar 10, 2014
    I had flashbacks when I saw "TheTacoBite"
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    Feb 15, 2014
    Pretty accurate summary, I treasure my time on Mineswine and all the memories I have gathered but I think I had to move on from Minecraft in general.

    Also this doesn't paint a good picture of how chaotic 2016 Jedicraft was, there was OP weapons being handed down to players of good faith with high ranking people disguised as 'New content' and dupe glitches were stupidly common due to careless coding and rushing to release new content. I remember one dupe glitch was simply taking stuff out of an enderchest after you already stored it and it'd duplicate, how'd that not get instantly discovered before being released?

    I remember being at a pretty big war with MCCoder at the time, I tried rallying the community against him while he got people to befriend him by bribing them with ridiculous items that broke the game. But in my opinion, that was why 2016 Jedicraft was one of the best and most fun times of the game, the economy was completely broken due to all the dupe glitches and people who put time and effort into befriending people, joining alliances and indulging themselves into the game would end up being in the top few players. I made sure to not let some new players fall into this pit of constantly dying by teaching some of them how to play the game and recruiting them in our little gangs, we also had group policy of not attacking new players so that it would not ruin their experience. Ultimately after MCCoder's demotion me and him kind of killed any drama we might have had and I remember his love affair with Indieb lol.

    I still remember the day we dupe glitched 15 stacks of unsoulbound Jetpacks, explosive attachments and other OP items to everyone using a dupe glitch and literately broke the economy lol. Was worth that 3 month ban and I'm surprised no one called me a communist for it.
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    Jan 31, 2014
    Miss you guys!
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    Apr 5, 2014
    Man, this server has been through a lot, huh? I was in middle school when I first joined, and now I'm nearly finished with high school and thinking about college and my career. Just crazy to think about.
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    ;.; i miss you too babe

    4TUHEVWBRIEJFS Im getting flashbacks of your profile pic ;.; I remember when I made that
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    Oct 2, 2016
    was honkey really as new as i? I thought he was og honestly
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    Aug 1, 2018
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    Aug 22, 2014
    Damn, I remember whipping out that first version of rewritten JC in around a week or two I was so excited back then under Taco, really hurts to see the cycle of the server throwing away its potential.

    Although I do admit the nostalgia trip was very nice.