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Important MineSwine Resource Pack Guide

Discussion in 'Minor Announcements' started by MineSwine Team, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Apr 21, 2017

    R E S O U R C E P A C K G U I D E

    Resource packs are a key part of a lot of Mineswine games, they allow us to change how things look and really give the minigame an in-depth feeling. However, there are some limitations within Minecraft to the resource pack system, and this thread should provide you with some workarounds for those situations.

    When you first join the server you will want to make sure you have the Resource Packs option set to enabled like this,

    this will automatically download the resource packs onto your computer whenever you join a game.

    If when you try and download the pack in game it doesn't work you can try to fix it with the command /resource, this will re-apply or download the pack to your client and potentially fix the errors.
    If that doesn't work try deleting and re-adding Mineswine to your server list, with the correct options enabled, just like above.
    Finally, if that doesn't work you can try to delete your server-resource-packs folder located in the Minecraft directory if you don't know how to navigate there see this wiki page. Make sure Minecraft is not running while you delete the folder. Also, don't worry about losing some important files, Minecraft will automatically re-download the resource packs you deleted.

    If this still does not fix your issue with resource packs please email with your issue.

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