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Important JediCraft Future Plans!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by AustralianFlag, Feb 16, 2019.

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  1. AustralianFlag

    AustralianFlag Owner Owner

    Jan 9, 2019
    Hello there!

    As a lot of you have been asking, we will be releasing some new content very soon.

    It took a while for me to get familiarised with everything that was going on here at MineSwine prior to my ownership.
    Now that I’m up to speed, it’s time to get down to business!

    I’m happy to announce that our team has started work on some major changes to the server’s most popular game mode - JediCraft.

    There are a lot of changes that need to happen with JediCraft. We admit the map wasn’t brilliant. The design lacked quality, and it wasn’t up to our usual standard.

    We realise that there is a bigger issue plaguing the server.

    There has to be more to JediCraft than simply getting loot and killing people.
    Live, die, repeat.

    First of all, I’m going to introduce a levelling system.


    This feature will allow a player to increase their JediCraft level by completing various tasks on the server. These will include getting a kill streak, destroying vehicles and completing challenges.

    Once you obtain level 50, you’ll then have the option to ‘prestige.’ This will reset your level, but give you a permanent tag displaying that you’ve achieved this.


    We will also be adding a leaderboard to showcase the ten players with the highest level.


    More than that, you guys need to see something concrete.

    To start with, we’re going to be returning to the Starkiller Base map temporarily. This map has a much nicer aesthetic.

    However, that’s not all...

    We’re also working on a brand new map!


    It’s going to be at least ten times better than our previous ones. Maybe twenty. :)

    In the future, gun crafting is going to be reënvisioned, to make it more accessible for new players. We’re considering making use of the recipe book or creating a custom guide.

    I’ve heard a lot of players complaining about the pay-to-win nature of forces, and I completely agree. We’re going to be removing fire crates, and integrating the acquisition of force powers into the new prestige system.

    This will allow any player to obtain them, even if they couldn’t afford them before. Naturally, donors will be able to keep the powers that they’ve bought already, but we will be adding new ones as an incentive for them to keep levelling up!


    Everybody wants a pet. How about your very own R2-D2? Or would you prefer a gonk droid, perhaps?


    We will be adding cosmetic pets that you can buy that will follow you around and just generally look cool. Porgs are sooo last year.

    Naturally, we’ve got a lot more ideas on the backburner, but we’re not showing all of our cards just yet. ;-)

    You’ll hear about them later, so keep on watching forums!

    Happy gaming everybody,

    --Austin & the Mineswine Team
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