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by dillyg10 at 7:24 PM
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Thank you so much to everyone who participated this weekend!

This was an awesome weekend, we broke over 1100 players, a new MineSwine record

What's next?
We plan to launch... COD Zombies (in Minecraft) very soon! It's going to be epic dudes, check the forums regularly to find out more :D.

Anyways, have fun... and happy oinking!
by insanehero at 1:11 AM
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The Beginning:
Today is the day! Mine Swine is now officially making public updates! Basically, we'll be posting on here every time we roll out a new update to let you guys know the latest news!

Why now? As you may have noticed in the past few months the hub has gone over some major improvements and problems, such as new lobby builds, replacing/adding new gamemodes, lag and bugs, and random downtime. However, we now feel that we've gotten to the point where the server is pretty stable and we've got a lot in store for you guys, so hang around!

General Updates:

- Updated icon colors for Porkchops, Kill, and Join/Quit messages.

- Updated the game selector to be more organized.

- Added holograms to the lobbies.

- Mineswine now has a teamspeak server! Come join us at ts.mineswine.com:9376

- Added herobrine.

Survival Games + Guns Updates:

- A new exclusive Mineswine only map, Terminal (By TheTacoBite) ! We are planning to release a lot more exclusive...
by insanehero at 3:30 PM
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Hey everybody!

Welcome to the new forum/website! We will be posting server news and information on here from now on, so be sure to pop in to check for new news!

In the next week we'll be coming out with some new exciting gamemodes, hub fixes, and much much more!

Happy mining!