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by SierraMike at 7:21 PM
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I'd like to start this post off by thanking all of you who have applied for moderator on Mineswine in hopes to help improve the server and keep it a safe place for everyone to enjoy (all 78 of you)! This being said, we are not approving moderator applications going forward for the time being. Let me explain exactly what this means.
  • If you submit a moderator application, and we like it, we will save it for when we need more moderators.
  • We will still be looking at every application we get.
  • We are not automatically denying applications during this time period.
  • The normal 30 day time period in which you may submit another application still holds, but know that your first application may not have been denied, but we just do not need more moderators at the moment.
Again, we will still fairly look over each application, but hopefully this helps everyone understand where we are right now with hiring staff members. Remember that you may not ask any...
by TheTacobite at 12:09 PM
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Hello again,

Over the past week you might have noticed that things have been changing a lot though out Mineswine. I hope that all of you agree with me these are much needed changes. Today I am going to give you a status update on how things are coming along and our priorities with redoing the minigames. So, this is what currently needs to be done / coded.

Mineswine Core
Mineswine Survival Games
Mineswine Survival Games + Guns

Community Involvement

With that said I would like to know what exactly you (the community) are looking for in the new games. All the new games will operate exactly and if not very similar to the previous versions of them. I saw a post earlier in the SGRL section saying that they really wanted supply drops back in SGRL and, that is AWESOME! We love when the community gives us ideas and feedback. (Supply Drops will be released with the new SGRL :))(@JorgePlaysMC )...
by IndieB3 at 5:36 PM
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Hello all of you who stuck around long enough to see what you thought was the last of us.

As of today the first steps are being taken to hand over the server to myself and my partner in management. Over the next few days drastic steps will be taken to update and fix the server in a long winded attemp to restore Mineswine to its former glory days. This will be an entire server overhaul but we promise you the end results will be well worth it.

We are pretty excited to introduce ourselves and the new dev team as we dedicate ourselves to bringing back a full restored and updated Jedicraft and SGRL along with some other goodies including a brand new (mobile compatible) website and fancy new game modes. We also promise to return with the ones you always knew and loved. (Remember how great factions and Minewars used to be!)

Feeling unsure? Don't worry we will be here to answer questions and are still working closely with the previous owners to bring back what you know and love. Until...
by Moderocky at 12:04 PM
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So what exactly do we have planned?


Need I say more?
We've got a new JediCraft map, as well as a whole new 3D resource pack and new guns. We've scrapped the bad stuff and added in loads of cool things to replace them!

Sick of the people with all the duped stuff? You can laugh at them now, everything is being reset.
The date was set at October the 1st, but you can blame the forum hackers and the DDoSers because we've had to push it back a bit. Make sure to go and hate on them for it because I was really looking forward to JediCraft this week. :(

2. More games :confused:

So you guys all voted overwhelmingly in favour of giving me a pay-rise... :rolleyes: I mean, you voted in favour of lots of new and exciting games! :)

We added HC:RL which is amazing, (until I got raided :(). We are bringing back Factions with...
by Moderocky at 3:01 AM
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First off I'd like to apologise for releasing the official statement so late, but I've only just accessed the admin panel myself.

You might notice the forums have gone back in time a little...

To start with, I'd recommend changing your password, they are encrypted but it's possible that some data was gained. They have said that they have a list of logins, but Jason doubts that this is true.
The server downtime is being caused by repeated DDoS, it's separate to the forums problem.

The forums were targeted by a small group of hackers. They found my admin key (I'll explain later) and used it to delete all of the data they could find.

Jason made the decision to roll back all data to the previous backup (some time in 2014) which is why most of you lost your accounts. :(
We had been planning some work on the forums as-is so stay tuned for more updates.

I am working to repair as much of the damage as I can as well as tightening security.

[SPOILER="How they found the...
by insanehero at 1:21 AM
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As you may have noticed we've made a lot of changes to the website. The new website is just another part of the complete server remodel which is coming soon! Mineswine also has a new logo!

Website Remodel: Part 1 [COMPLETED]
- New logo
- New theme for the general forum and website body
- Updated color scheme to match the new logo
- Staff members now have colored names to show their respective rank group.
- Site header has been replaced with a new custom design
- The server player count is now shown in the header
- Various performance tweaks

Coming soon...

Website Remodel: Part 2 [COMPLETED]
- Applications, Ban reports/appeals, and purchase issues are now private to only the posting member and staff members.
- Server shop updated to fit the new site
- Achievements
- Signature size limits
- Re-add teamspeak sidebar module
- Compatible with mobile
- And more!

Let us know what you think...
by insanehero at 12:53 AM
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Some of you have been asking recently what's happening with us and questioning the future of the server. So I'm here to shed some light on the situation.

Yes, me and dilly haven't been as active as we used to be. Part of it has been due to school and another is that we've been unhappy with the way the server has turned out and how we have designed certain things. When we first started on the server we wanted to make everything ourselves without the use of public plugins or code. Which has done good for us (ex. custom server selector and games), and it's also done some bad (ex. permissions crashing) At the moment, the server is quite outdated on our frontend (User interface/server selection) and backend (Permissions/Server to server communications/game logic/etc.) which has been causing a lot of bugs and issues.

So you may be asking yourself...why am I telling you all of this? I'm proud to announce that we've been working on a massive server overhaul for the past few weeks. We are...
by insanehero at 9:36 PM
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Survival Games with Guns: The Mega Update!

- You can now vote for from a choice of 5 different maps during the lobby.
- Minecraft 1.8 Titles have been added to various different messages in the game to increase user experience.
- Fixed a few grammar mistakes in messages.

New Maps:
- Carbon

- Hazard

Gun Changes:
- *NEW* DMRs have been added to the game. (SG550, MK14, G3A3)
- Flamethrower: New effects and firing mechanics
- RPG: Texture update
- C4: Texture update
- Gun Sounds are now global, that means you are able to hear Gun shots from a certain distance.
- Grenade Launchers on the M4a1 and M16 have been removed.
- Bullet drop has been removed from all guns except shotguns. Meaning the bullet will travel in a continuous...
by dillyg10 at 4:59 AM
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Hey piglets! It may seem that we've been kinda quiet these last few weeks, but we've been working our pigtails off to brimng you guys some awesome stuff!

Halloween sale! 25% off all items.
That's right! Everything is 25% off in the store. Grab up some treats while you can!

Old new spooky game... coming soon!
There's been a game lurking in the shadows of MineSwine for a while, that we decided should have some life brought back to it. I can't give away too many details yet,but it should be an extra scary great surprise!

Scary lobby updates [soon]
We have our build team hard at work spookifying our lobby. There also should be some fun new pets and items you can buy that are haloweentastic. Look for them in the lobby over the next few days.