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by ssamjh at 10:08 PM
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Hey all, as promised April the 1st is the day for new content! So it's time to reveal our newest game mode! It's called Anarchy without Guns! We have spent a long time perfecting it, and we are sure you will love it! This game mode is pure survival, no spawn protection, just Minecraft! We hope you enjoy it!

With this update, we also have name changes to all of our games, and they are as follows.

JediCraft > Star Wars game with Guns
New gamemode: Anarchy without Guns!
Creative > Block placing game
Factions > Obsidian house game

April fools!

All jokes aside, we are 100% legitimately going to release JediCraft today, and we have a sneak peak for you all.
Click this maybe????
by ssamjh at 9:45 PM
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Hey all, just a quick poll, what are your thoughts on JediCraft teams?

Click here to vote

<3 the Mineswine Staff

If you voted sort-of or no please explain what you would like changed.
by ssamjh at 5:36 PM
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Hey all,

We have been receiving a lot of anxious requests from the community about what will be happening with JediCraft. This post aims to answer all of those, with a first of it's kind, a FAQ!

  1. Q: When is JediCraft returning? A: No later than April the 1st, but earlier if possible. Trust me it will be worth the wait.
  2. Q: What happened to SGRL? A: We never completed that, but it's still work in progress. Hopefully you guys will see it soon!
  3. Q: What's happening to all my stuff? A: Some people may have lost things, however we are going to try our best to restore everything to how it was.
  4. Q: Why so long? A: We asked the community what they thought, and the majority of the vote wanted JediCraft to be on holiday a little longer so that we can introduce major features. They will be worth the wait.
  5. Q: OMGMOMGOMGGMOMOMGOMGOG, what features?...
by ssamjh at 6:22 PM
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Over the last few days we have all worked effortlessly to get everything back in order. And now, I think we have finally done it.

There's just one more thing, a poll. Check it out here, and please vote on it, we need community feedback more than ever.

Poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/12538879

by ssamjh at 8:40 PM
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Hey all,

As you may or may not be aware, the server has been griefed among some other stuff. We currently have no public announcement as to how that happened. but we are aware of it. Long story short, the server may be offline for a little bit over the next few days. We are trying our complete hardest to get it working back up, and since I woke up about 4 hours ago, I have not stopped fixing stuff.

It's worth checking out our new Discord as well: https://discord.mineswine.com
It will be replacing the TeamSpeak and is an excellent way to get in touch with staff members quickly.

So yeah just an update.
by ssamjh at 8:50 PM
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Hey all, just a quick update, shortly I will be taking the network offline to migrate some of our databases to new servers.

It will be very quick and won't be down for less than 2 hours at the tops.

~Sam out
by flogic at 7:21 PM
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Hello, everyone! Today I decided to make a small update highly influenced by the community.

B L A S T E R P I S T O L S:
  • Increased damage on most by around 2 hearts (Fluctuates with armor).
  • Made Westar-35 better than Westar-34 and increased its price to $1000 (Westar-34 is the same price but had damage buff)

T A R G E T I N G R I F L E S:
  • Increased DLT-19X reload time to 3.5 seconds.
  • Decreased PulseCannon's raw damage to 28 (14 heart) body shot and 35 head shot (17.5 heart), please note with armor these values drop significantly. Also increased damage falloff and decreased reload time to 5.5 seconds.
  • Increased Relby-V10's raw damage to 14 (7 heart) and decreased raw headshot to 18 (9 heart) and changed the sound to a higher pitch.
  • Significantly buffed raw damage on E-5, Westar 35C & DC-15M
  • Increased raw damage by around 1 heart on all other blasters.
S H O C K B L A S T E R S:...
by flogic at 8:32 PM
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Hello, everyone, JediCraft is starting to move closer and closer to the so desired full release! While this update mainly consists of optimizations, bugfixes and other backend changes we made sure to add a few front-end updates so you don't feel left out. The beta has been released in chunks over the past few days just so we can ease into things. Please keep in mind that although there may not be the coolest new things for you to use, the optimizations we've made allow us to make those cool things in future updates.

We've opened up the armor section of the shop and increased some of the prices (buying and selling) for most weapons, the armor is a bit pricey and does not consist of Ren armor which can only be found in Tier II chests.

The economy has had a few updates, the main one is that we've added a /eco command which gives you a lovely GUI. This GUI...
by MylesDev at 7:06 AM
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Hello everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience over the last day while we've been doing maintenance and updates on our backend. From the eyes of someone working on it, trying to get it done as fast as possible is really stressful. So thank you for not rushing us. :)

I'd also like to say that the maintenance was really for behind the scenes stuff, so that's why there isn't so many new features as other updates.

New Hub
That's right! We've got a brand new hub, made by the talented @micah_ and @CraftDirt - With the bigger space, you'll have more room for gadgets, etc, as well as just a bigger area to socialise with other players. Also you're actually able to walk into the portal on this hub. ;)

The Future
As stated above, the latest maintenance was for our backend (the stuff that runs the servers, games, features, etc.) - We've been working on "future proofing" the server. We have so...
by MylesDev at 7:19 PM
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Hi all,

Just to inform you that the network will be going into maintenance mode - this is to update our servers and deploy a new backend system we've been working on for a while.

We don't know how long this will take, however, we'll keep you updated with the status of the network so you guys can get an estimate.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for an inconvenience this may cause!

Update #1: This is taking longer than expected, we're working as hard as we can to get the server back up!
Update #2: We'll be putting the network up later tonight. We're very sorry for the inconvenience but we need sleep too.
Update #3: We're just ironing out the bugs and then will begin to bring the network back up.