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by Moderocky at 6:39 AM
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I've been getting a lot of questions about JediCraft.

Here is a little explanation.

  • New JC = JediCraft from 2016-2018
  • Old JC = JediCraft from 2013-2016
  • Legacy JC = A remake of Old JC (Out now)
  • JC: Reloaded = A remake of New JC (Coming soon)


1. What happened to JediCraft?

The server running from 2016 to 2018 (New JC) broke down. :( It had many bugs and we could no longer run it safely.
2. What's this new server called JediCraft?
This is Legacy JC. It is a remake of the original jedicraft from 2014-15.
3. Where did my stuff go?
No data from New JC is moved to Legacy JC.
4. There are bugs on Legacy JC!!!
Yes there are. It's from 2015, what do you expect? I'm working to fix them.
5. I don't have my donor items...
by AustralianFlag at 11:12 PM
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Hello everybody,

It's time for an update on where MineSwine stands. There have been a lot of things discussed behind the scenes and now we're ready to present our ideas to you guys.

There's been a couple of minor updates for JediCraft while I've been around, but up until now, it's gone back to its former state in the past month. JediCraft is themed around Star Wars, which was tough for me because I did not have the slightest clue about Star Wars. All I could do was create your standard updates: a levelling system, some leaderboards, and a couple of fixes besides that. After that, nothing.

I'm not going to say that I haven't thought about JediCraft. We did have plans with more updates to be released, but I didn't see as much in JediCraft as anybody else has. I wasn't even playing Minecraft in 2013, and I haven't heard about MineSwine until January 2019.

It was time to hand JediCraft to someone who knew more of what they were doing. Moderocky came to me and suggested an idea. I...
by AustralianFlag at 1:41 AM
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Hello there!

As a lot of you have been asking, we will be releasing some new content very soon.

It took a while for me to get familiarised with everything that was going on here at MineSwine prior to my ownership.
Now that I’m up to speed, it’s time to get down to business!

I’m happy to announce that our team has started work on some major changes to the server’s most popular game mode - JediCraft.

There are a lot of changes that need to happen with JediCraft. We admit the map wasn’t brilliant. The design lacked quality, and it wasn’t up to our usual standard.

We realise that there is a bigger issue plaguing the server.

There has to be more to JediCraft than simply getting loot and killing people.
Live, die, repeat.

First of all, I’m going to introduce a levelling system.

This feature will allow a player to increase their JediCraft level by completing various tasks on the server. These will include getting a kill streak, destroying...
by Moderocky at 10:55 AM
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Hello, piggies!

By the time you're reading this, most of the changes will already be in effect.
Just in case they aren't all complete, here's the too-long-didn't-read version:
  • Updated some features on the website
  • A few stylistic changes
  • A few changes to how the forums work
  • Some rank changes

None of these things should affect you, but if you think something's changed, then it probably has.

If you come across a bug or something that looks weird:
  1. Take a screenshot of the whole page.
  2. Send said screenshot to Moderocky#0001 on discord.
  3. Send said screenshot to @Moderocky on forums.
  4. In both messages, describe the bug, what you were doing when it happened, and what the effect was.
This is very important. We aim to catch all of these bugs, but unless somebody notifies us about them we're probably not going to catch them all.
by Kyus at 6:36 PM
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Hello everyone! Once again we are bringing you a list of brand new features! Enjoy and let us know what you think!


JediCraft is coming with a lot of brand new features! Some have been highly requested, others we just thought you guys would enjoy.

Attachments - Attachments are being completely removed very soon and will have no use, but any attachment guns you have will be available for use until we add Tier 3 guns which is explained below.

Achievements - Achievements are here! Complete these as another way to gain an income on the server. The achievement system can be accessed using the command /ach. This will update and you progress through each achievement, and each tier comes with a bigger reward.

Lightning Rifle - Slay your enemies with this brand new Tier...
by Kyus at 8:42 PM
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The Eco Reset is now live! All money, inventories, and enderchests have been reset.

We have completely reworked the chest system so it should be less OP.

We have also added a few more towns and buildings to the Tatooine map for you to explore!

We are also coming out with kit changes. Member has received a new "Youngling" kit that has a 30min cooldown to hopefully give new players a jump on the competition. Marksman and Demoman kits also come with 1 piece of mandalorian armor. The amount of mandalorian armor in Jedi and Sith kits have been halved in order to keep them in line with new balance changes. You can view the items on our store.

JC has also received a few new guns:
- G-56 (Nebulator)
- TL-50
- DLT-20A
- Relby V-10 has been revamped

We have also added a /sell command for you all!

We hope you all enjoy this update! More to come in the future!
by Kyus at 11:16 PM
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Hello everyone!

It's spooky season, and MineSwine has just received a spooooky update!

In celebration of Halloween, there will be a 25% off sale on everything in the store! So take advantage while you can! the sale will end on October 31, 2018. Hidden in the hub is an easter egg... if you find it, take a screenshot and send it into the MineSwine discord tagging me and I will give you a $10 buycraft voucher!

Happy Halloween everyone!

by Kyus at 7:15 PM
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Hey everyone!

I come to you all with great news about some new features that will be added to the network tonight!

Features that we are adding are as follows:

- New donor kits for Piglet, Boar, and Hogwild ranks! You can view what is included in these kits on our store: https://store.mineswine.com/
- Unbans and Unmutes are now available for purchase on our store! Be careful, you are only allowed 3 Unbans. These two packages will not be affected be any sales. Unbans to not apply to bans for inappropriate names, skins, or capes. Admins also reserve the right to deny purchases of unbans/unmutes to specific people.
- A new kit called "Youngling" for all you new players out there! This kit will include some armor, a pistol, and food!
- Two new guns that I think have been long waited are also going to make light on the server tonight. The TL-50 and G-56! These guns will not be on the shop, and will only be obtainable from Tier II chests!

Don't forget...
by Kyus at 9:43 PM
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Hello everyone,

This announcement I know has been long awaited, but I am pleased to announce the official release of Tatooine! This update comes with many new and old features, as well as removal of a lot of bugs. We hope you guys enjoy this update as much as we do.

The features added are as follows:

- Land Vehicles are back! You heard us right, Tatooine features the well-acclaimed speeder, with more to come!
- Tier II guns are now available to non-donors through Tier II chests! The EE-3 and Bowcaster have been reworked to compete on the level of donor weapon!
- Forces have received a complete overhaul. All forces now work and can be toggled via the command /forces. Force Heal now has a purpose and heals yourself as well as others if you choose.
- Bounties are a new feature we have implemented to further add to the competition of JediCraft. You are now able to place bounties on certain players for a set amount and time. This can be accessed via the command /bounty. Trackers are...
by Kyus at 7:22 PM
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How's it going everyone,

I come to you with an update for the future of MineSwine JediCraft. As you all know, Tatooine is making a comeback to the network complete with a lot of the old features as well as some new.

As a result of this update, I will be taking down the main network starting tomorrow so that we may push all of these updates. The server will be brought up again on Saturday, September 22, 2018. The features to be added are as follows:

  • Automatic random-tp into the game world
  • Updated random spawn chest loot
  • Bounties
  • Forces are now toggle-able
  • Force heal now heals yourself, not just others
  • And more to come...

I hope you all are as excited about this update as I am. I will also be adding some more features to the donor perks so stay tuned for that. Thank you for your patience through all of these delays.